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Does snow and Ice affect your roof?

Winter season! It's cool Right! It is the time when you get a beautiful view with snow-covered roads. However, snow and ice acts as a destructive material that can reduce your roof’s longevity. Did you know that? If not, then come with us and learn how these materials can damage your roof.

  • Stress

In the icy cold winters, the home roofs deal with the substantial weights of snow. With intense snowfall, the weight further increases. As the ice block or snow tends to accumulate, the stress over your home’s roof is increased.

  • Ice dams

Ice dams form when ice gets collected over a passage of time and you don't bother to remove them. These dams ultimately destroy your gutters which impedes the flow of water causing much more damage with time.

  • Freeze and Thaw

Cracks are the major result that happens because of incessant collection of snow and ice. Not only such cracks result in roof leaks but also they become prominent with time. Even the tiniest cracks can be enlarged which moves the positions of shingles resulting in more roof leaks.  

However, if you take the preliminary measures you can avoid such negative instances. Good maintenance is pivotal to keep your roof in proper order for the upcoming years. We reckoned the homeowners to follow three simple measures to restrict such hazards of roofs in wintertime:

  • Replace: If your roof is not in a suitable order then we suggest that you opt for roof replacement. You should however note that you make use of materials that can protect your roof even in harsh winter seasons.
  • Clean: Cleaning the roof during winter can reduce the calculation of snow and thus reducing damages.
  • Check: A customary inspection will help in detecting if your roof has any permanent damages such as cracks or leaks. An early inspection allows you to ensure that the rood damage is controlled within time.
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