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3 Factors to Consider While Installing a Green Roof

Do you want to beautify your roof with growing vegetation? Then, a green roof is going to be an ideal option for you. Apart from natural beautification, a green roof has various benefits like maximizing unused space, maintaining the environment and saving money.

Are you feeling excited? Then check these 3 factors while installing a green roof with the help of a roofer in Thousand Oaks.

1. Soil mix

For making a green roof, it is necessary to prepare a perfect soil mix by blending some components such as volcanic rock, slate and expanded shell. After mixing all these things, you need to blend 85% of this aggregate to 15% of potting soil to get the best results.

Lightweight aggregates are available in the nearest landscaper shops in bulk or bags. This shale-blended mixture of soil is very useful for making a green roof as it can absorb water.

2. Edging

To create an edging, intermediate angular supports are necessary as they can keep the vertical edging of the roof sturdy. This support works as a barrier to make leaks through the surface of the waterproof membrane.

As per suggestions of our professional roofer , besides edging, you can also use trays with a 6-mil plastic sheet and the membrane. But, you need to assure that the roof is going to accommodate the length and width of these trays.

3. Insulation

To enhance the R-value of the roof on conditioned spaces, insulation plays a vital role. For this purpose, a waterproof membrane can be used such as a “fan board” insulation of thin foam or building felt layer.

Are you planning to call a roofer for making a green roof? Then contact us today. For more updates check at Lawsons Roofing Inc.


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