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3 Major Advantages of Slate Roofing​

3 Major Advantages of Using a Slate Roofing Material for Your Next Roof Replacement in Pasadena

When you want to do a roof replacement in Pasadena you may consider slate as your new roofing material. Many roofers believe this is the best roofing material you can put down on your roof when you want to replace your roof in Pasadena. This roofing material checks all the benefits before it gets available in the store for purchase. There is a silver line to use slate roofs as well; they are known to be environment friendly. This blog is all about the three major advantages you can get by replacing your existing roof with a slate one. 

They Last for a Century 

Roofing contractors in Pasadena love slate roof materials as they are known to last for more than a century. They are extracted from the slate rocks found in the wild lands of Brazil. Since they are not made of any human products, the slates are known to survive the weather conditions for such a long period of time. Simple cutting and shaping go into the manufacturing of these roofing materials. So, you can choose to get them for your newly replaced roof. 

They are Attractive 

Slate as a roofing material will make your roof look attractive. Slates are hard and strong as we know. This is the reason why you can do unique designs on your slates without worrying about a crack on them. Homeowners who care for the visual appeal of their home can consider getting slate as their roofing material when they are getting a roof replaced.  

They are Eco-Friendly in Nature 

A roof made of 100% natural products will always be friendly to the environment. They will keep the rooms cooler reducing your carbon consumption through air conditioners. Plus there is no energy spent on manufacturing a unit of slate. 

These are the three major advantages you can enjoy by getting a slate as your roofing material. Consult a professional of roof replacement for more details. 

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