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3 Problems Due to Leakage in Commercial Roofs

Have you just seen some tiny holes on the roof of your home today? Then do not do the mistake of ignoring them. As per expert roofing contractors in Los Angeles, such holes can widen to create open spaces through which major leakage issues can arise in commercial roofs. Such 3 major problems have been discussed below. 


  1. Damaged insulation

The insulation causes risks of roof leaks; while water rains on insulation and then collapses air pockets, the insulation process utilizes to slow down the healing process. After these air pockets become flattened, then insulation becomes inactive. Further, a complete replacement of insulation is very necessary to prevent high utility bills and heat loss.

  1. Wood rot

While wood becomes under pressure from mold and water, it becomes extremely spongy; as a consequence, wood rot takes place. After wood rot starts, it compromises the wood integrity; likewise, it becomes difficult to maintain the roofing system’s structural integrity. As a consequence, there is a high chance that the roof will collapse. If the degradation crosses the limit of repairing, you need to replace it. In this condition, you can take help from a roofing contractor for removing rafters and trusses.

  1. Fire and slip hazards

Water and oil cannot mix, likewise, water and electricity-it can create fire hazards while water can impact the electricity system. While water starts leaking into the roofing system, it can engage the essential wiring to power the building. After it happens, exposed wiring can provide the fire ignition for starting. On the other hand, when water starts leaking, then it flows to other places of the building. After the water leakage, it can create puddles on the building floor. 

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