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DIY roof replacement: Let’s know about it

Roof replacement is a costly and time-consuming undertaking. It is performed out of urgent need when the existing roofing can no longer cope with its functions.

When is a replacement needed?

When the following signs appear, it becomes necessary to replace the roof:

  • individual wooden elements that make up the truss system are rotten;
  • leaks detected;
  • the materials from which the roofing cake is made are obsolete or dilapidated;
  • tructures are partially or completely destroyed;
  • The existing roof does not match the color and design of the renovated facade;
  • Roofing while maintaining operational properties looks unpreventable.

Replacement sequence

Replacing the roof of a private house is a long process, which is divided into the following stages:

Inspection of the current roof condition- As a result, the final decision on the need for replacement is made. If you decide to use the services of a construction company, at this stage, you need to invite its representative to perform initial measurements and inspection. Based on the data received, an estimate will be calculated.

Dismantling of roofing materials that have become obsolete and unusable- This stage covers the removal of all layers of the roofing cake: insulation, waterproofing, battens, and drainage system.

Installation of the elements that will make up the new roofing pie- The installation of a new frame, if necessary, a truss system, battens, counter battens, and solid support for a flexible roof.

Insulation laying- If the space under the roof is residential, it must be carefully protected from wind and moisture penetration. Insulation, vapor barrier, and waterproofing are laid.

Installation of additional elements and additional details- Drainage system, spotlights, and snow guards are installed as the final stage of roof replacement.

Replacing the roof with your own hands saves a lot of money, but it is associated with risks. Without highly specialized knowledge and experience, it is impossible to cope with such a task. Choosing a reliable roofer Los Angeles and carefully studying the estimate is important.

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